Respite Care Grants

**NEW** ETAA now offering In-Home Respite Grants for up to 20 FREE hours.  Call 903-230-8001 for more information.

We refer to a short period of rest or relief as respite. So respite care means professional care for your loved one so that you can have a much needed and well-deserved break.

Institutional Respite Care Grants: Means your loved one can stay in a safe, collaborative, medical facility for up to three days.  NOTE:  Due to COVID restrictions, we are not able to award any Institutional Respite Care Grants at this time.

AAA In-Home Respite Care Grants: Means your loved one can have up to eight hours per week for eight weeks to provide in-home services such as meal preparation, light housework, and assistance with activities for daily living such as bathing.

The Care Coordination Program facilitated by the Area Agency on Aging of East Texas is an ongoing process to assess the needs of an older individual and effectively plan, arrange, coordinate and follow up on services which most appropriately meet the needs as mutually defined by the individual, the access and assistance staff, a family member(s)  or other caregiver.

The service is available to older individuals within the Area Agency on Aging’s 14-county service area.  The program provides short-terms services to help clients to remain independent and make future plans.

Caregiver Support Services may include:

  • Full assessment of the caregiver situation;
  • Information about services and support to meet caregiver needs;
  • Assistance in making long-range caregiving plans.

Arrangement of Support Services may include:

  • In-home respite care provisions for a brief rest or relief from caregiving responsibilities;
  • Institutional Respite Care provisions for a brief rest or relief from caregiving responsibilities for an individual diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia;
  • Community resources or referrals

Cases referred by ETAA are given a priority designation with the Area Agency on Aging of East Texas. To begin the referral process. Please fill out the following form: