Shelly Longacre

Shelly grew up in Greenville, Texas where she lived for thirty plus years and worked in Banking as well as the Government Aeronautics Contracting Business.   During her time in Greenville she served on the Board of Directors of the Hunt County Family Services Center for those affected with Mental Disabilities.  Shelly and her husband, Richard, moved to the East Texas area in 2005, and Shelly has been working in the Senior Health Care Field in Admissions and Marketing since that time.   In 2010, Richard’s insurance business brought them to Longview.  Shelly and Richard attend Grace Creek Church where they serve on the First Impressions Team as Greeters.   She is the mother of two children, Jason aged 37, and Lauren, aged 30.   Lauren married William Angeletta in 2013, and she and Will, as well as Jason, reside in Garland, Texas.

Shelly currently works for Arabella Senior Living of Kilgore as the Community Relations Director, where she is responsible for Sales and Marketing, and Public Relations.    Shelly also follows out her passion of helping others by serving on the Longview Area Texas Oncology Foundation Committee, as well as serving as a founding member, and President of the East Texas Silver Citizens Coalition (ETSCC).   She is also involved with the Healthy Aging Coalition of East Texas (HACET).

Shelly loves working with people and is extremely passionate about those affected by Dementia and Alzheimer’s.   Her passion for helping those with Memory Care issues stems from the fact that her maternal grandmother had dementia, and now one of her aunts has been living with Alzheimer’s for the past fifteen years.   Helping those affected by Memory Care issues, as well as helping their Care Givers is very important to her, and she feels extremely humbled to be able to assist by serving on the ETAA Board.